I just saw the second trailer. There is so much there relevant to the discourse we’re seeing now. SO MUCH.

As I watched, I remembered someone giving me shit after I burbled in joy all over my Facebook about how incredibly awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens was. They sneered at me for giving my hard earned money to a faceless Goliath of a corporation, feeding the capitalist beast that would consume the world.

But you know what? This movie, Civil War: Captain America, a movie based on a comic book series about the intersection of power, and security, and freedom, something I think we’re all interested in, at least in my country, was bought and paid for with our money. Geeks, who finally convinced Hollywood that we’ve got the power to pay for movies and IPs we love, that resonate with us, that will, if timed right, resonate with an entire country.

So, I’m kinda proud of that, and proud that my cash made even a tiny bit of difference.

  • Jen