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We’re fine, but this song has been the subject of some discussion between John and me.

P!nk is, in a word, amazing. She’s tough, vulnerable, not scared of heights (something I cannot even pretend to) and open about her struggles with life. This song, a duet with Nate Ruenes, has been on repeat for a while now.

John actually brought it up first, as a song he found uplifting and positive. Friends of ours had just announced a split, saying their marriage was “broken,” and past fixing, and I think it just made him introspective.

Just Give Me A Reason seems to speak to both of us, in that we actively seek ways to fall in love with each other all the time.

Also, John totally stole my heart, and I let him. He sees the worst parts of me, and loves me despite them. He finds reasons to love me, to see the best in me, to uplift and exalt and delight in me every day. I still find his smile irresistible, the sound of his laugh to be music to my soul, the curve of his spine to be beautiful and perfect.

He gives me reason, every day, to remember why and how and how much I love him.

  • Jen