Life proceeds apace here at Chez Weird. It’s been a rather hectic few months- some good, some bad, some just WTF.

In no particular order-

Still working for the University, still enjoying it, but sad that Awesome Boss is now Awesome Ex-Boss. We still keep in touch, though, which is good. I like her as a person, and I’m glad to keep her friendship.

One of the puppies is no longer with us. Louisa, the roomie’s puppy, lost a lot of weight, and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so we had her put to sleep a bit over a week ago. The other two puppies are adjusting, as are we. She’d been awfully sick, and lost a third of her body weight, so while it sucked and we both cried a lot, it was the right thing to do.


Louisa, just before Christmas. Taken with my new camera and the nifty fifty.

I’ve managed to finish *most* of my Christmas slipper knitting. Look, I know it’s February. Let’s just not talk about that, okay? I’m getting them done, dammit. I even managed to knit a pair for me!

I’m back on Wellbutrin, thank all the gods and little fishes. It works *very* well for me and I’m glad to be back to a more even keel. Zoloft was…less effective than I needed it to be.

I GOT A NEW CAMERA! John bought a really nice Sony a6000 for me for Christmas, and it’s *aMAYzing!* My dad got me some great lenses and an adapter so I’ve been having fun shooting with the nifty fifty. All of the photos below were taken with the new camera.

John got a new OxxBoxx coffee maker for Christmas. Silly crazy present but it was a fun gift, and he’s really used it. It’s just nice and portable!

All right, I’ve got some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to watch, and some knitting to do, so I’m going to sign off for now.