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I’m a fan of the Harry Potter universe, and like many others, when Pottermore was relaunched, I took the Sorting Quiz and like every other time I’ve done it, I was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Now, I know that Hufflepuff is…sort of a laughing stock, because we’re the ordinary folks.

We’re not the brave ones, like Gryffindor.

We’re not the brainy ones, like Ravenclaw.

We’re not the driven ones, like Slytherin. (I don’t see Slytherins as inherently bad, either. They’re possibly the most relentless and ruthless house, but in some situations, that’s what’s needed.)

But we are…helpful, and frankly, I love being helpful. I like being supporting cast most of the time, to be able to give folks a hand, to maybe not have the intellectual obsession or passion, but to have the spark of inspiration to fuel that obsession and passion.

Today, I asked John if he was concerned by the fact that I’m less driven than he is. In response, he booped my nose and told me that there were a certain number of psychological traits and he liked all mine, excepting the depression.

He’s okay with the fact that I’m simply not as driven, overall, as he is. He’s a Gryffindor, but I think he moonlights as a Ravenclaw, because woooooo… that man has a ridonkulous brain. Sometimes I worry that because I’m a type B (at least until the come up with something more chilled out) person, and he’s way more a TypeA person, that he’d be bored.

He kind of gave me this look. You know the one. Well, I know it, anyway. It’s the one that says “Stupid shit is falling out of your face again…”

So, maybe I should just be content to be a helper, to be a Hufflepuff, to be able to help him be a freakin’ genius, and I should accept that I’m happiest in a supporting role?

Anyway, my weird little brain latched on to something that’s going to help John in a writing assignment for grad school and that thrills me to no end. I may not have the drive to learn All The Things, but I can find things when they’re lost and give John a hand finding a direction for his smarts. That makes me inordinately happy.